Hotel, to rent a room


The capital is visited daily by countless number of tourists from various cities and of course abroad. Someone intends to estimate the sights of the city, someone has a planned important meeting or seminar. If you are looking for a decent hotel, it is better to book a room beforehand.

Hotel to rent a roomYou can rent a room according to different conditions at every hotel. The capital does not lack luxury hotels and student dormitories. However, if you intend to provide yourself with adequate conditions for a comfort rest for an adequate price, we propose to estimate our hotel today. It is convenient to rent a room here, because we have a truly convenient geographical location in the city. Our hotel is located in the very center and you do not have to sacrifice precious time for the sake of trips and endless transfers in public transport. Choosing a hotel, planning to rent a room, estimate the photos of the proposed rooms in the assigned sections, where the cost of each is also indicated. Well-known artists and sportsmen, teachers and scientists often stay here. We are convinced that visiting our hotel, where you can rent a room inexpensively, you will estimate its special atmosphere and sincere attention of our staff. Remember that your productivity at seminars, cheerfulness at business meetings or excursions will depend in many respects on the quality of your rest. Make a decision in favor of a comfortable hotel where you can properly gain strength before another busy day in the capital.

Are you interested in our hotel, do you intend to make a reservation? We offer adequate prices and decent conditions for recreation.